Phoenix Towel Rails 


  • Phoenix Carla Designer Towel Rails

    The Phoenix Carla is our most popular range of designer towel rails. The Carla range has two different sizes – 800mm high x 500mm wide and 1200mm high x 500mm wide. With the Phoenix Carla available in three fantastic finishes – chrome, anthracite and latte, the Phoenix Carla will look beautiful in style of modern bathroom.

    With a comb style of design with an open end, the Phoenix Carla is easy to hang and remove towels from. The flat panels give a large surface area for drying towels to ensure you have a nice dry towel for when you need it.

    The Phoenix Carla is suitable for central heating systems, electric only use and dual fuel. We offer both standard and thermostatic electric elements for electric only and dual fuel options and we have a wide range of towel rail valves available to purchase with these towel rails. 

  • Phoenix Athena Stainless Steel Towel Rails

    The Phoenix Athena range of stainless steel towel rails are made from 304 grade of stainless steel, which means you will not only be getting a stunning towel rail, but one that is built to last and withstand the moisture of a bathroom without rusting. The Phoenix Athena towel rails feature quality welds, a highly polished finish and are resistant to corrosion.

    With three different widths (350mm, 500mm and 600mm) and six different heights (430mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1200mm, 1400mm and 1600mm) available, there is the right sized towel rail for nearly any bathroom.

  • Phoenix Lift Anthracite Towel Rail
  • Phoenix Zonta Stainless Steel Towel Rails

    The Phoenix Zonta range is perfect for when you wish to replace a radiator with a towel rail in a wide space without too much height. Being horizontal stainless steel towel rails, they will give you a lot of space to hang towels on.

    As these are made from 304 grade stainless steel, they not only look great with their polished finish, but they are also anti corrosive, so that look is going to be maintained throughout the years.

    The Phoenix Zonta range comes in 2 widths (1000mm and 1200mm) and 3 heights (400mm, 600mm and 800mm). The Zonta heated towel rails are available for use on central heating systems, electric only or dual fuel. 

  • Phoenix Sophia Chrome Square Towel Rails

    With the Phoenix Sophia’s edgy finish coming from it’s beautiful square tubes, it is the perfect towel rail for any modern, linear bathroom. The Phoenix Sophia range began with three sizes available in a shiny chrome finish but is now also available in a sleek, powder coated anthracite finish which perfectly contrasts a white bathroom.

    We offer square valves in both chrome and anthracite finishes which complement the style of the towel rail when being installed on a central heating system. As well as being available for central heating use, the Phoenix Sophia towel rails are also suitable for electric only and dual fuel use. Use the drop down options on the product pages to select the perfect additional items to complete your beautiful Phoenix Sophia towel rail.

  • Phoenix Sorento Chrome Flat Panel Towel Rails

    Big and bold chrome panels not only make the Phoenix Sorento a statement piece for your bathroom, but it also has a high BTU output to give your bathroom some real warmth. The 1800mm high x 500mm model gives an incredible 4608 BTU output.

    The Phoenix Sorento is suitable for central heating systems, electric only and dual fuel systems. With round vertical tubes and flat horizontal panels, both round and square valves give a great finish to the Phoenix Sorento chrome towel rail on a central heating system.

  • Phoenix Ascot Chrome Flat Towel Rails

    The Phoenix Ascot towel rails boast a stylish, flat bar design with a shiny chrome finish that is guaranteed to stand out in any bathroom. With 5 heights available (800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1600mm, 1800mm) there are plenty of options to suit different sized bathrooms. The 1800mm high version is perfect for a large family with numerous towels needed to be hung and dried.

    Like most of the Phoenix towel rails, the Ascot can be used on a central heating system, electric only or dual fuel. Be sure to check out the options on the product pages in order to get the perfect towel rail set up for your bathroom.

  • Phoenix Flavia Chrome Straight Towel Rails

    Classic chrome towel rails from Phoenix UK. The Phoenix Flavia chrome towel rails have 19mm chrome tubes and are the perfect blend of stylish and practical. Available in multiple heights and widths, there is a towel rail suitable for any bathroom or kitchen.

  • Phoenix Flavia White Straight Towel Rails

    Classic ladder rail design coupled with a clean, white finish means that the Phoenix Flavia white towel rail range has a blend of practicality and style. 

    With 4 heights (800, 1200, 1500 and 1800mm) and 4 widths (300, 400, 500 and 600mm) there are plenty of options to fit into most bathrooms. White towel rails have higher heat output in comparison with chrome towel rails, so with the Phoenix Flavia white towel rails you will be getting great heat output which will help dry towels quickly and keep them nice and warm so they're ready for use.

    The towel rails come ready for central heating use but we have options on the product listings which you can choose from to enable the towel rail to be used as an electric only towel rail or a dual fuel towel rail. 

  • Phoenix Gina Chrome Curved Towel Rails

    With a elegant curved profile, the Phoenix Gina chrome towel rail adds a classy finish to a bath. Great heat output is just another positive to add to the stylish aesthetics of these towel rails which will dry your towel rails and contribute towards keeping your bathroom warm.

    With a variety of sizes and energy source options, you'll be sure to find the ideal Phoenix Gina towel rail for your home.

  • Phoenix Level Chrome Towel Rail

    The Phoenix Level towel rail is the ideal towel rail for keeping towels neatly in place for drying. With a comb style design featuring an open end, you can easily slide towels on and off of this towel rail.

    Available in 1200mm x 500mm it has plenty of horizontal tubes to hang your towels on. With a shiny chrome finish it is a great contrasting model for any predominantly white bathroom.

  • Phoenix Totu Towel Rails

    The Phoenix Totu range has two finishes which are perfect to either stand out within or blend into a bathroon. With a charcoal grey, anthracite finish the Totu rail will make a statement in any light bathroom. The other option of a latte finish will add a subtle touch of class.

    Along with two different finishes, the Totu towel rails come in 3 different heights (800mm, 1200mm and 1500mm) with a 500mm width. With large rounded horizontal tubes, the Phoenix Totu towel rails produce impressive BTU outputs to keep your towels dry and your bathroom warm.

  • Phoenix Roscoe Stainless Steel Towel Rails

    With square vertical tubes contrasting the round horizontal tubes, the Phoenix Roscoe polished stainless steel towel rail suits any style of bathroom. With a highly polished stainless steel finish the Phoenix Roscoe is built to not only look great, but to give good warmth to your bathroom for years to come.

    The Phoenix Roscoe towel rail is available in three sizes and can be used on central heating systems, electric only or dual fuel systems. Check out the options on the product pages to choose the ideal towel rail for you.

  • Phoenix Aubrey Polished Stainless Steel Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Harper Square Stainless Steel Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Tubo Anthracite Designer Heated Towel Rail
  • Phoenix Thame Curved Stainless Steel Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Demi Chrome Designer Heated Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Rochelle Chrome Curved Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Caprice Chrome Flat Heated Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Davina Chrome Designer Heated Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Olivia Chrome Curved Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Crysta Chrome Designer Heated Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Cali Designer Chrome Heated Towel Rail
  • Phoenix Lizi Chrome Designer Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Eve Chrome Towel Rail Rack
  • Phoenix Adam Chrome Towel Rail Rack
  • Phoenix Jade White Designer Heated Towel Rail
  • Phoenix Traditional Towel Radiators
  • Phoenix Electric Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Laura Ladder Heated Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Shelby Anthracite Designer Heated Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Gardo Anthracite Designer Heated Towel Rail
  • Phoenix Alexa Anthracite Designer Heated Towel Rail
  • Phoenix Bow Designer Heated Towel Rails
  • Phoenix Vogue Towel Rails

    A truly unique towel rail. The Phoenix Vogue has an eye catching design with it's tubes being part rounded, part square. A truly stunning piece that would be perfect in any modern bathroom, not only to keep towels dry but to just look magnificent too. A sparkling chrome finish adds a shine to the bathroom.

    Available for electric only, central heating systems and dual fuel to give plenty options to choose from for the perfect Phoenix Vogue chrome towel rail.

  • Phoenix Oto Towel Rails

    The Phoenix Oto towel rails have a unique design, featuring curved, rectangular horizontal tubes. This stylish design is available in two subtle finishes - white and latte.

    The Phoenix Oto is available for central heating systems, dual fuel and electric only as well. 

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Showing 1 - 24 of 228 items

Very little in life beats the feeling of stepping out of either the shower or the bath and grabbing a warm fluffy towel - something made a guarantee (as long as you remember to hang the towel up!) by the Phoenix range of Towel Rails. These Towel Rails are available in a range of modern and traditional designs, so whether you want a bathroom focal point - or a discreet and classic towel rail - there’s the right product for you.

As well as keeping your towels warm, these towel rails also do an excellent job of heating your bathroom - making them a great addition to any bathroom space.

Just browse the range, and if you have any questions - get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.