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  • Phoenix Motion Frameless 8mm Glass Shower Enclosures

    The Phoenix Motion range of frameless shower enclosures is a Designer Bathroom Store favourite! With heavy duty, exposed rollers that have been manufactured to withstand the test of time, you're not only getting a shower enclosure that looks great, but one that is going have smooth rolling doors for years to come. The Phoenix Motion range comes with a lifetime guarantee to give you peace of mind.

    The range consists of two quadrant shower enclosures, an offset quadrant and four different sliding door sizes with side panels available. The Motion range boasts 8mm thick (EN12150-1 Tempered Safety Glass) easyclean protected glass. The easyclean protection is an invisible coasting applied during the manufacturing process which helps maintain your shower's 'new' look for as long as possible by providing a barrier against surface deposits that can dull your shower glass.

  • Phoenix Spirit Framed 8mm Glass Shower Enclosures

    The Phoenix Spirit range of shower enclosures is the largest range from Phoenix. All enclosures in the range come with 8mm thick easyclean glass which will continue to look great for years to come. Every enclosure has a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

    Enclosures included in this range are framed double door quadrants, single door quadrants, pentangle enclosures, corner entry enclosures, single and double door slider doors, pivot shower doors and bifold shower doors. All frames come in a highly polished finish to give a stunning look to your bathroom.

  • Phoenix Elegance Shower Enclosures

    Beautiful semi framed shower enclosures from Phoenix. The Elegance range is made from 8mm easyclean glass which is tough and durable. The semi frameless design features a highly polished finish.

    The Elegance range has different shower enclosures to suit different spaces. this includes twin pivot double door quadrant enclosures, pivot door shower enclosures and twin pivot shower door enclosures.

    The Elegance range comes complete with a lifetime guarantee for peace of mind.

  • Phoenix Techno 10mm Walk-In Shower Enclosures
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Showing 1 - 24 of 37 items