We want to continue to keep our customers updated as to how we are managing the current situation regarding COVID-19.

Designerbathroomstore.co.uk continues to run as a fully operational website. We are continuing to accept orders through the website, however there will be inevitable delays with certain items due to manufacturer closures.

Our employees are working from home in order to follow government guidelines regarding containment of the virus and reducing risk. This means we can still access emails, answer phone calls to our 0844 504 6677 and 01206 582462 telephone numbers and answer any incoming live chat enquiries without increased risk to our employees. All of our employees have been trained to practice prevention guidelines. 

We are working closely with our suppliers and courier parties to ensure that we can make orders run as smoothly as possible and to ensure that all Public Health England guidelines are being followed at every stage of the order and delivery process. 

We will continue to update this page with any notifications of further developments. We wish all of our customers the best during this difficult time and urge all customers to stay safe.

As of 27/03/2020 this is the status of our suppliers:

Reina Design – Updated – Trading as normal. 

Eastbrook Updated - Open  Reduced delivery service. Delivery times could incur a delay of 1-2 working days

Eucotherm Trading as normal

Kartell Open - Reduced delivery service –Delivery times could incur a delay of 1-3 working days

BC Designs – Updated – Trading as normal. 

Iona – Updated – Trading as normal. 

Further update - We have reduced our contact hours down to 9am - 3pm. We still have an out of hours voicemail service and an offline chat system on the website in order to leave a message.