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  • Chrome Towel Rails

    At Designer Bathroom Store, we are incredibly proud to bring to market an excellent range of Chrome Towel Rails. These Chrome Towel Rails serve three very important functions in our eyes:

    Firstly, they keep your towels warm, and hygienic and within reaching distance after your bath or shower. Secondly, they keep your bathroom warm through highly efficient heating. Lastly, they look absolutely fantastic – adding the perfect focal point into your bathroom.

  • Stainless Steel Towel Rails

    Stainless Steel Towel Rails are perfect for a harsh bathroom environment, the tough nature of Stainless Steel nature ensures that these towel rails stay in excellent condition for years to come. Stainless Steel is also incredibly easy to clean, and a simple wipe with a damp cloth sees these towel rails look brand new.

    At Designer Bathroom Store, we have over two hundred models available. These two hundred products encompass all types of Towel Rails – including straight, and curved options in both contemporary and traditional designs. Two finishes are available, brushed stainless steel and polished stainless steel. Brushed stainless steel is certainly becoming the most popular finish, adding a sleek and contemporary look into a bathroom.

    All of these towel rails have also been handpicked from just a few suppliers. These suppliers have never let us down with regards to value, quality and design – so we are proud to represent them on our site. Such brands include Eastgate, Kartell, Phoenix and Reina.

    If you have any questions about these Stainless Steel Towel Rails – just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.  

  • Designer Towel Radiators
  • Electric Towel Rails

    At Designer Bathroom Store, we are proud to source and supply an excellent range of Electric Towel Rails. All have been handpicked from just a select few brands, and have been chosen on account of their quality, design and excellent price point.

    Once the reserve of the most luxury bathrooms, we are very pleased that Towel Rails are a staple in almost all bathrooms today, including both contemporary and traditional designs. These towel rails are available in the most common ladder designs, and also more unusual contemporary designs. Finishes vary, from the most traditional White right through to Latte and Anthracite colours.

    We offer a wide range of elements and controls - From electric towel rails with thermostats to smart elements that feature wifi technology.

    A range of sizes are available, fitting bathrooms and kitchens of all sizes. If you have any questions about this range of electric towel rails – please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

    Want the best of dual heating options? Check out our dual fuel towel rails which connect to the central heating system but also have an electric element, making them the perfect towel rail to use year round.

  • Traditional Towel Radiators

    Towel Rails were once the preserve of only the most luxury bathrooms, and our range of Traditional Towel Rails certainly represent that period well. Elegant, sophisticated and timeless designs work brilliantly in all types of bathrooms and kitchens, including modern and contemporary bathrooms and kitchens. As well as looking stunning, these towel rails also serve a very important function – they keep towels both dry and hygienic, as well as helping keep the room they are in warm.

    A number of finishes are available, including Chrome, as well as White and Chrome – and many have contemporary twists on classic designs. A lot of our favourites feature a column radiator in the middle of the towel rail, with a chrome surround for hanging towels on. All have been handpicked form just a few brands we represent, including Eastgate, Kartell, Phoenix, Reina and Eastbrook. We have found that these brands all combine the elements important to us – excellent product design and quality, with a sensible price point.

    There’s almost thirty traditional towel rails in stock, so do browse the range and if you have any questions – please just let us know.

  • White Towel Rails

    White Towel Rails have been the mainstay of bathrooms and kitchens for years – providing a clean, efficient and comforting way of drying and storing towels. Today, we are happy to source and supply a massive range of white towel rails – ranging from the recognisable traditional ladder styles, right across to contemporary styles which push the boundaries of Towel Rail Design.

    All of our White Towel Rails have been handpicked from just a few designers. They are available in all shapes and sizes, from curved to straight to contemporary designs which provide all the function of a standard towel rail, whilst adding an excellent focal point into a room!

    Budget options within this range start from just £30, with prices increasing to some of our most expensive designer models which are available at around the £350 mark. As always, if you have any questions about this range – please do just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

  • Black Towel Rails

    Black Towel Rails represent the ultimate in towel rail design. Adding a contemporary feel to any bathroom or kitchen, these black towel rails contrast perfectly with interiors of all types, creating a sleek, modern and classy look.

    Don’t think that the colour of these towel rails and their contemporary design takes anything away from their functionality either. All do an excellent job of drying and heating towels and warming the room they are placed in. They are the perfect blend between form and function. A range of sizes are available, meaning that your dream black towel rail can fit into almost any space.

    All of our Towel Rails have been chosen from just a few suppliers, who we know and trust. These suppliers have been chosen because they provide an excellent standard of product, with high levels of design, and an excellent price point. For the biggest range of matt black towel rail sizes, check out the Eastbrook Wingrave matt black towel rail range.

  • Anthracite Towel Rails

    At Designer Bathroom Store, we have a fantastic collection of Anthracite Towel Rails in a range of contemporary designs. Perfect for both bathrooms and kitchens – these towel rails make a big statement, and cement an element of contemporary design which looks great, even in contemporary interiors.

    These Towel Rails are available in a wide range of styles, there’s everything from the classic ladder towel rail style – right across to unique designs, which provide all of the functionality of a classic towel rail, with stunning contemporary looks. All benefit from an excellent heat output, and have been handpicked from a trusted few suppliers, who we know deliver excellent products at an excellent price point. Suppliers include Eastbrook, Eastgate, Phoenix and Reina.

    If you have any questions about these Anthracite towel rails, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

  • Dual Fuel Towel Rails

    Dual fuel towel rails are becoming more and more popular. When the weather gets hot and you no longer need to have your central heating on, there's still towels in the bathroom that need drying. A dual fuel towel rail can be a solution to this issue. Dual fuel towel rails come with valves to connect the towel rail to the central heating system, but also have an electric element which can heat the towel rail in the summer, when the central heating system is off. This is an effective and efficient way of providing heat to the home, specifically bathrooms, cloakrooms and kitchens.

    We offer a wide range of dual fuel towel finishes, such as chrome, black, anthracite, white, blue and polished stainless steel. We have dual fuel ladder rails, open ended dual fuel towel rails and designer dual fuel towel rails available. Product pages will provide information regarding the dual fuel kit that comes with the towel rail, the IP rating of the electric element and it's output. We offer both standard electric elements which maintain 60 degree temperature and thermostatic controlled elements, which give you the ability to turn your towel rail temperature up and down when powering this via the electric element.

  • Horizontal Heated Towel Rails

    Whilst most towel rails on the market allow you to take advantage of vertical wall space, the towel rails in this area of the website are perfect for making the most of wide wall spaces such as under windows where you may not have a lot of height available but plenty of width.

    We offer horizontal heated towel rails in chrome, white and polished stainless steel finishes with plenty of widths and heights to suit most spaces available in the bathroom. Many of the horizontal towel rails in this area are available as horizontal electric towel rails and dual fuel horizontal towel rails.

    We also have the Reina Camden which offers a traditional style horizontal bathroom radiator whilst making the most of horizontal wall space. 

    Got a question regarding any of the towel rails in this area? Give our helpful team a call on 01206 582462 today.

  • Brushed Brass Towel Rails
  • Towel Rail Valves and Accessories

    At Designer Bathroom Store, we source, stock and supply an excellent range of Towel Rail Valves and accessories. These valves and accessories have been carefully chosen to help provide an excellent level of reliability and performance from your towel rail, so as well as looking great - you can benefit from it working brilliantly, all of the time.

    The full range of products on this page include Thermostatic Valves, Manual Radiator Valves as well as Electric Heating Elements.

    If you have any questions about this range, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.  

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Showing 1 - 24 of 1111 items

The days of awkwardly trying to hang a towel on a central heating panel radiator can be a thing of the past! Towel rails offer you an effective solution to drying your towels so you are not left with damp towels in the morning when you want nothing more than a warm towel to dry with.

With numerous horizontals bars, you can hang multiple towels on a towel rail and still achieve even drying.

Towel rails come in various styles, finishes and sizes. From the glamorous shine of a chrome towel rail to the imcomparable durability of our beautiful stainless steel towel rails, we have a product to suit the requirements for all situations.

Our designer towel radiators can be the statement piece in your bathroom with some truly extraordinary designs from the likes of Kartell, WyvernReina and Eastbrook.

A great way to have dry towels all year round without having to keep the gas heating on is to opt for an electric towel rail. With electric towel rails, dual fuel towel rails and electric radiators you get the ability to heat up your bathroom or dry towels without needing your central heating on which is perfect for those occasionally hot British Summer months where you will still need to have dry towels. A number of our towel rails can be made electric only, simply choose from the dropdown menu on the product page as to which electric only or dual fuel set up you require for your towel rail.

Dual fuel towel rails gives you the best of both worlds - You can have the towel rail heating up when the gas central heating comes on but also use electric heating in the summer to save you money on your energy bills.