• Designer Radiators

    Designer Radiators are a key part of our business at Designer Bathroom Store. The wide range of luxury models available, in both contemporary and traditional styles fits perfectly with our business plan of providing beautiful bathroom and home goods, at an affordable price point.

    This range of Designer Radiators not only provide excellent and efficient heating, they also add a fantastic focal point into any room. As well as being used in our customer’s bathrooms, many are used in all rooms of the home – in everything from living rooms to kitchens, hallways and bathrooms.

    These radiators are available in both Vertical and Horizontal Radiators and are available in a wide range of finishes. Some of our personal favourites include Gloss Black, Grey, Matt Black, Polished, Mirror and Raw Metal. All of these Designer Radiators have been handpicked from the world’s leading radiator manufacturers, of which we have built up excellent relationships with. Brands you will find here include WyvernKartell, Eastbrook and Reina. These brands combine unbeatable style, design and quality – with excellent value. From space saving vertical radiators to unusual funky radiators, we have a huge range of radiators to suit your needs.

    If you have any questions about this range of Designer Radiators, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

  • Central Heating Radiators

    At Designer Bathroom Store, we stock and supply a wide range of Central Heating Radiators. There’s a massive range available, and we have built up a reputation for our supplies of contemporary central heating radiators, available in an infinite number of designs, sizes, heat outputs and finishes. All have been handpicked by our expert teams at excellent prices, from trusted suppliers including Reina, Kartell and Eastgate.

    We have over 500 radiators available, a range which encompasses both vertical and horizontal radiators. Some of them of the most popular finishes within this collection is both White and Anthracite.

    If you have any questions about our range of Central Heating Radiators, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

  • Column Radiators

    Column Radiators are designed and manufactured with tubes arranged in rows that connect at both the top and bottom of the radiator to form a single unit. They are often called ‘Victorian Radiators’ or ‘Traditional Radiators’ yet are suitable for both contemporary and traditional interiors.

    Providing an excellent solution for your home, they are available in a multitude of styles, shapes and sizes. At Designer Bathroom store, we have handpicked over twenty of the finest designs available, from the world’s leading radiators designers. All have comprehensive guarantees and names represented in the range include Eastbrook, Kartell, Wyvern and Reina.

    The traditional colour of white is one of the most popular option for column radiators, however we also supply black, grey, raw metal as well as chrome column radiators. If you have any questions about this range or any specific products within it – please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

  • Electric Radiators

    Heating via electricity usually conjures up images of portable heaters, and naff looking radiators. Thankfully, at the Designer Bathroom Store – we are bucking the trend of poor electric radiators. Boasting over 100 different models in stock, we supply customers with excellent quality electric radiators which combine efficient and powerful heating – with stunning modern and traditional designs.

    These electric radiators are available in a wide range of finishes, and as well as the usual White Finishes – the range also encompasses more adventurous colours – including stunning black designs and anthracite designer radiators. All of the radiators you will find across our site, have been handpicked on account of their excellent design, quality and reliability.

    If you have any questions about this range of Electric Radiators, please do just get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

  • Radiator Valves and Accessories

    Radiator valves are essential for connecting radiators and towel rails to the central heating system. Here at Designer Bathroom Store we offer a wide range of radiator valve types, as well as different finishes because getting the finishing touches right for your new radiator or towel rail is a must! 

    The types of radiator valves we offer are:

    • Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) -  These come with an adjustable valve head which allows you to adjust the temperature of your radiator. These come with a lockshield to complete the valve set
    • Manual valves - A simple on/off valve that allows your radiator or towel rail to work at maximum efficiency. These are either minimalist valves or have a designer look, such as our traditional crosshead valves which are great for column radiators and traditional towel radiators
    • Straight valves - These are most commonly used with towel rails or radiators which have bottom inlets. If your pipework is coming from the floor, then straight valves are the perfect choice. Pipe covers are an optional extra which help cover pipework with a finish that matches your new straight towel rail valves
    • Angled valves - Valves that have a 90 degree connection for your radiator or towel rail. If your radiator has inlets at the side, angled valves can be used when the pipes are coming up from either the floor or from the wall. When it comes to towel rails and radiators with bottom inlets, you would use angled radiator valves when your pipework is coming from the wall
    • Corner valves - Perfect for radiators with side inlets and pipework coming from the wall. These valves have radiator heads pointing up vertically next to the radiator, making them a strong choice to use with vertical radiators and horizontal radiators with side inlets.
    • Dual fuel towel rail valves - Dual fuel towel rails often need a tee piece to accommodate both a valve and element, which leaves the valve offset. With our dual fuel valves, you can keep things neat as one of the valves acts as a tee piece so you can have everything in line with your vertical tubes on a towel rail. Check out our chrome dual fuel valves for images to show just how neat this looks
    • Both modern and traditional valve styles. Whether you have a Victorian style column radiator, or an ultra modern flat panel radiator, we have valves to give the perfect finish to the look you're trying to achieve. Our traditional valves feature an extensive range of finishes such as antique brass, pewter, black nickel, polished copper and many more finishes. 

    Our valves come with 15mm connections as standard but we do offer microbore connection packs for 8mm and 10mm pipework. Call us on 01206 582462 if you need these to go with your new radiator valves. 

    If you require any assistance with choosing the right valves for your radiators and towel rails, do not hesitate to call our friendly customer service team on 01206 582462 or use our live chat system to discuss

  • Underfloor Heating
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Showing 1 - 24 of 2407 items

Whilst we are called Designer Bathroom Store, we offer a huge range of radiators that can go in any room in the house and provide your house with the warmth that you require. From the typical central heating panel radiator to stylish vertical designer radiators, Designer Bathroom Store has a solution for your heating needs.

Dry those wet towels and give your bathroom a traditional feel at the same time with one of our traditional heated towel radiators. Looking for something with a modern twist? The Reina Neva range is available in both horizontal and vertical and also comes in different sizes and colours to give the choice to fit into any room in the house. Not only do these radiators look fantastic but they also have fantastic BTU heat output to ensure that you are not just getting a radiator that looks gorgeous, but the ability to heat the room too!

With a wide selection of radiators there is something here for everyone. Should you not find exactly what you are looking for then please do give us a call on 0844 504 6677. With many our of trusted manufacturers offering bespoke radiator manufacturing, we can find a unique colour or size in a number of styles that will give you the radiator you dream of having in your house.