Eastbrook Malmesbury Aluminium Radiators 

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Showing 1 - 24 of 64 items

Malmesbury radiators feature an elliptical oval tube design which brings a designer look as well as high heat output to any room in the house. These radiators are available in horizontal and vertical models and come in four sumptuous finishes - matt white, matt grey, matt anthracite and matt cappuccino. The range of finishes and sizes makes these perfect to fit throughout the home. Vertical models are great as kitchen radiators or bathroom radiators as optional towel bars can be purchased in order to add a practical element that will allow you to dry towels as well as heat the room.

Vertical models start from a slim vertical radiator model at just 185mm wide and go all the way up to an high heat output radiator model at 565mm wide. These radiators don't just come in the typical 1800mm high standard, there's also 1200mm models for when there are height restrictions or you want a minimalist look. 

Horizontal models are available in 500mm and 600mm high and seven widths from 375mm wide up to 1420mm wide so there's variety for any space in the home. Radiators come with matching coloured caps, but chrome cover caps are available to purchase separately, to give a stunning finish to the radiator.

All Eastbrook Malmesbury radiators are available for central heating, electric only and dual fuel systems. All electric only models come pre-filled and vertical electric radiators have an inlet at the bottom right underside of the radiator. All electric and dual fuel radiators are supplied with a suitable electric element.