Reina Flat Radiators Horizontal and Vertical 

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Showing 1 - 24 of 64 items

The Reina Flat range is a modern alternative to the conventional panel radiator and adds a contemporary feel to any modern style home.

The white finish is perfect for subtly blending into any light painted room, whereas the anthracite finish is great for making a statement with a contrasting look. The large flat panels have a big surface area to provide heat outputs that will keep your house warm and snug.

Reina Flat radiators are available in white and anthracite, single and double panel, horizontal and vertical options. Vertical radiators are available in 1600mm and 1800mm heights and an impressive five widths (218, 292, 366, 440 and 514mm) which provides a great set of options, not matter how big or small your wall space is. Reina Flat vertical radiators are available for central heating use only.

The horizontal version comes in a 600mm height and six different widths (440, 588, 810, 1032, 1254 and 1402mm). Reina Flat horizontal radiators are suitable for central heating, electric only and dual fuel systems.