Reina Belva Aluminium Radiators 

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

The Reina Belva aluminium radiators can add a modern touch to your home with this stunning looking radiator. The Belva is available in a crisp white or popular anthracite finish.

The Belva is an aluminium radiator, aluminium radiators are fantastic for giving out high heat output and retaining heat once the system has been turned off which makes these radiators incredibly efficient.The Belva also offers a double panel option giving you more heat throughout your home.

Available in single or double panel option with vertical and horizontal sizing to choose from. The verticals come in an 1800 high with 3 widths of 308 412, 516 available with the horizontals in a 600 height and 6 widths available, 412, 620, 828, 1036, 1244 and 1452.

The Belva is available in central heating use only.