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  • Eucotherm Mars Flat Panel Radiators

    The Eucotherm Mars range of flat panel radiators is the most prominent design from Eucotherm. The stylish flat panel design which is available in both horizontal and vertical models is s perfect addition to the modern home. With wide panels, the radiator is not only providing an eye-catching design for your home, but also excellent heat output. The Mars range is made from high quality steel and is available in both single panel and double panel options. With a wall to the front of the radiator measurement of just 86mm, the Mars duo double panel radiators provide an enormous heat output without sitting far off of the wall.

    Vertical Mars radiators come in heights of 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm, with widths of 295mm, 445mm, 595mm and 670mm available, so there is a size to suit any project, whether it’s making the most of large wall space, or gaining heat output when space is at a premium.

    The horizontal Mars radiator range has heights of 295mm, 445mm, 595mm, 600mm and 670mm and widths of 445mm, 595mm, 600mm, 820mm, 900mm, 1195mm, 1200mm, 1420mm, 1500mm and 1800mm, giving you plenty of choice and the option to have matching radiators throughout the whole house.

    With such a wide variety of sizes and designs, the Eucotherm Mars radiator range is perfect for any room in the house. The tall vertical radiators are ideal as kitchen radiators when you don’t want to compromise on wall space for cupboards but still want to achieve a warm room. Horizontal Eucotherm Mars radiators are perfect for bedroom radiators and hallway radiators.

    Eucotherm Mars are European made radiators which have been crafted to the highest quality. The radiators are backed with a ten year guarantee for peace of mind.

    The Mars range features three stunning stocked finishes – white, anthracite and silver. Custom finishes can be ordered with a 6-8 week lead time. Call 01206 582462 today to discuss special finish options for Eucotherm Mars radiators.

  • Eucotherm Mars Elegant Double Panel Slim Radiators

    Maximise warmth in a room without compromising on space with the Mars Elegant duo double panel radiator range. These unique slimline radiators boast a 67mm wall to front of wall measurement which is incredible for a double panel radiator.

    The radiators are manufactured from quality steel in Eucotherm’s European factory. The Mars Elegant design features stylish grooves along the sides of the vertical radiators and along the top and bottom of the horizontal radiators.

    Available in both vertical and horizontal options with two stunning finishes – textured matt anthracite and white. The vertical options come in 1800mm high and widths of 295mmm, 445mm and 595mm. Horizontal radiator options come in 595mm high and widths of 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm and 1800mm.

    Eucotherm Mars Elegant radiators come with a 10 year guarantee to give you peace of mind.

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